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well im a single mom of 2 wonderful kids. im outgoing, positive, hate drama, and have a good heart. i live life day by day but do dream of future events. if you would like to know more plz ask. Have a great new years everyone!!
Music: I like any kind of music but mainly listen to country or hip hop.
TV: dont watch alot of tv, but when i do its usually chuck, law and order, or news lol
Books: i dont read alot, but when i do its usually anything that stricks my interst.
Sports: i would rather play then watch. I would like to go to a hocky game sometime tho.
Interests: i love people watching. camping, dancing, hanging out, concerts movies carnivals. i can have fun doing anything as long as its with the right person.
Movies: i love scary and comedy the best but i will watch anything. i love going to the movies or watching them at home. i just wish i had someone to cuddle up and watch them with.
BestFeatures: heart, personality, and hair.
Dreams: dreams...well i have a few simple ones that im working on and hope to fill by the end of the year.

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